Mini HDMI2VGA 1080P Video Converter

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It's a Mini HDMI2VGA 1080P Video Converter. The Mini HDMI2VGA 1080P Video Converter is a device that allows you to convert the HDMI signal from a source device (such as a laptop, gaming console, or media player) into a VGA signal, which can then be displayed on a VGA monitor or projector. The converter is typically used when you have a device with an HDMI output, but the display you want to connect it to only has a VGA input. By using the Mini HDMI2VGA converter, you can bridge the gap between these two different video interfaces.


  • No Need to Install Drivers,
  • Portable, Flexible, Plug and Play.
  • Low Power, No Power Adapter Required
  • Support NTSC and Pal Two Standard TV Formats
  • Output Compatible HDMI1.3


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