Mini 360 Step-down Buck Converter Power Module

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The Mini 360 Step-Down Buck Converter Power Module incorporates an integrated molded power inductor and a control chip for synchronous rectification, resulting in a more compact and efficient design. This module has versatile applications, including serving as a DIY mobile power source, powering monitors, buggies, cameras, cars, and communication equipment. Its compact size and weight make it suitable for a wide range of demanding applications, such as aviation models and similar scenarios.


  • Type: This module is a non-isolated step-down module, often referred to as a BUCK module.

  • Rectification Method: It employs synchronous rectification for its operation.

  • Thermal Protection: It comes with built-in thermal shutdown capability, triggered at 160°C.

  • Output Ripple: The module exhibits an output ripple of 30mV when operating under no-load conditions

  • Module Type: This module is categorized as a non-isolated step-down module, commonly referred to as a BUCK module.

  • Input Voltage Range: It accepts input voltages ranging from DC 4.75V to 23V.

  • Output Voltage Range: The output voltage can be adjusted within the range of DC 1.0V to 17V, with the condition that the output voltage must be lower than the input voltage.

  • Rectification Method: It utilizes synchronous rectification as its rectification process.

  • Thermal Protection: The module is equipped with a built-in thermal shutdown feature that activates at 160°C.

  • Output Ripple: Under no-load conditions, the module generates a minimal output ripple of 30mV.

Voltage 4.75V-23V
Model Mini 360
Type Step-Down Buck Converter Power Module

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