Micro SD Card Adapter Socket

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It's an SMT-Type Micro SD Card Adapter socket. It's a Micro SD Card Holder for PCB Mount. For mounting in your embedded applications, it accepts ordinary Micro SD memory cards. Micro SD cards are the same memory cards used in mobile phones and are very inexpensive, which makes them perfect for use in embedded projects such as memory card storage, audio mp3 players, and other similar applications. The socket is Push-Push type, which means Push to Insert / Push again to Eject. This Micro SD Card Holder has a 9-pin connector. The extra 9th pin is used to inform the controller whether or not the micro SD card is inserted. When a Micro SD Card is inserted, the 9th Pin is connected to the Body, which is connected to the Ground. This pin is normally floating when a card is not inserted.

Number of Pins 9 Pins
Function Push to insert/ Push to eject
Mating Durability 10000 cycles
Operating Temperature -25°C to +85°C
Country of Origin China

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