Micro Load Cell (Weight Sensor) with 3kg Capacity

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This straight bar load cell (also known as a strain gauge) can convert pressure (force) of up to 3kg into an electrical signal. Each load cell can detect variations in electrical resistance that changes in response to, and proportionality with, the strain (for example, pressure or force) applied to the bar. You can use this gauge to determine how heavy an object is, if the weight of an object changes over time, or if you just need to detect the presence of an object by measuring strain or load applied to a surface. Each straight bar load cell is composed of aluminium alloy and can read weight of up to 3kg. Four strain gauges are connected in a Wheatstone bridge formation in these load cells.
This is a common load cell for weighing up to 3 kg. A microcontroller cannot directly measure the load cell's output since it is in mili-volts. To make the load cell's output readable to a microcontroller, an ADC with high resolution or an instrumentation amplifier is necessary.


  • Rated Load: 3Kg
  • Rated Output: 1.0mV/V±0.15mV/V
  • Zero Output: ±0.1mV/V
  • Input End: Red
  • +(power), Black
  • -(power) Output End: Green
  • +(signal), White-(signal)
  • Recommended operating voltage: 3 ~ 12 VDC
  • Maximum operating voltage: 15 VDC
  • Protection class: IP65


  • Electronic platform scale
  • Digital scale
  • Parcel post scale
  • Electronic balance
Material Aluminium
Load Capacity 3kg
operating Voltage 3V~12V DC
Size 75x12.8x12.8mm
Rated Output 2.0±0.15 mV/V
Accuracy Class C2
Maximum No. pf Load Cell Verification Intervals (Nmax) 2000
Minimum No.  of Load Cell Verification Intervals (Vmin) Emax/5000
Combined Error (% RO) <±0.03
Creep (% RO30 min) 0.03
Temperature Effect on Sensitivity (%RO/°C) 0.0016
Temperature effect on Sensitivity (%RO/°C) 0.003
Zero Balance (%RO) 1
Input Resistance 402±6
Output Resistance 350±3
Insulation Resistance ( MO <50V> 5000
Recommended Excitation Voltage 10V~15V
Compensated Temperature Range -10°C to 40°C
Country of Origin China

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