MF724.7D13 NTC Thermistor

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Inrush current suppression for delicate electronics is provided by the MF72 series Power NTC Thermistors. The current surges that are frequently produced during turn-on can be reduced by connecting an MF72 in series with the power supply. The MF72's resistance will swiftly drop to a very low value once the circuit is activated, therefore power consumption may be disregarded and there won't be any impact on the regular operating current. A very affordable method to reduce surge current and save delicate electronics from harm is to use the MF72 Power NTC Thermistor.

Applications: There is the huge applications of NTC thermistor like Energy-saving lamps, electronic ballasts, filament protection for various types of lamps, and some types of heaters can all be integrated into the power circuits of power supplies and inverters, uninterruptible power supplies, energy-saving lamps, and electronic ballasts.


  • It has small size and fast responsive

  • It has high power handling capacity

  • Fast response to surge current

  • Wide operating temperature range -55 to +200C

  • Long-term Stability and Reliability
  • R25 allowable tolerance is ±20%
Model MF724.7D13
Type NTC thermistor
Tolerance 20%
Max operating current  5A
Lead soldering temperature 260Degree centigrade
Resistance 4/7 OHM
Total power dissipation 800W
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -55°C TO 200°C
Country of Origin China

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