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These N-channel MOSFETs are created using cutting-edge Magna Chip MOSFET Technology, which offers exceptional quality, strong switching performance, and low on state resistance. These devices are appropriate for general-purpose, high-speed switching, and SMPS applications. This drain current is 7.0 A its mostly used in switching operation wherever we need of fast switching there we can use this MOSFET, Its a type of electronic switching where manual switching is not needed that is its faster than the manual switches here is the huge application of this  device it can used in SMPS,UPS etc.


  • Its three  pin 3 IC
  • Its used for fast switching
  • It has high switching speed
  • Its used in high current application
  • Its drain to source resistance is approximately 1.35Ohm
Model MDF7N65B 
Brand Magna Chip
Package Style Through hole
Package TO-220F
Power dissipation 42W
Max Voltage 650V
Storage Temperature Range -55°C to 150°C
Country of Origin China

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