MC14077BCP IC XNOR (Exclusive NOR) IC 4 Channel 14-PDIP

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The MC14077BCP is a versatile Integrated Circuit (IC) that functions as an Exclusive NOR (XNOR) gate, offering four channels of logic operations. Packaged in a 14-PDIP (Plastic Dual-In-Line Package), this IC is designed for ease of use and integration into various electronic circuits. The XNOR gate is a crucial component in digital electronics, providing output logic signals based on the inputs' equality. With its 4-channel capability, the MC14077BCP is suitable for applications requiring multiple XNOR operations, such as data comparison, parity checking, and signal processing in digital systems. Its compact and standardized packaging makes it ideal for PCB (Printed Circuit Board) designs and electronic projects where space optimization is essential.


No. of pins 14
Voltage - Supply 3V ~ 18V
Operating Temperature Through Hole
Package type 14-PDIP
Package / Case 14-DIP (0.300", 7.62mm)

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