MAX7219 8 x 8 Dot Matrix Display(Red) Module

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This is a MAX7219 8x8 Dot Matrix Display Module. The Max7219 Led Dot 8x8 Matrix is an integrated serial input/output common-cathode display driver connected to a microprocessor and has an 8-digit 7-segment digital led display that can also be connected to a bar graph display or 64 separate LEDs. Each data is stored in an 8 x 8 static ram on the BCD Encoder, which includes an on-chip, multi-channel scanning loop word drive. To set the current of each led segment, only one external register is used. All general-purpose microprocessors can be connected using a simple four-wire serial interface. Each data can be addressed in the update, which eliminates the need to rewrite the entire display.


  • The MAX7219 is a serial input/output common-cathode display driver that interfaces microprocessors (µPs) to 7-segment numeric LED displays of up to 8 digits, bar-graph displays, or 64 individual LEDs.
  • Max7219 has an on-chip BCD code-Binary decoder, multiplex scan circuitry, segment and digit drivers and an 8x8 static RAM that stores each digit. Only one external resistor is required to set the segment current for all LEDs.
  • Modules | Outdoor Displays | Poster Displays | Pixel Gaming | Character Design | MAX7219 8x8 Dot Matrix Module.


 Product 7219 Dot Matrix Display Module
 Driver chip MAX7219
 Display 8x8 Dot Matrix Display
 Operating Supply voltage 3.7 to 5.3 V
 Supply current 330 mA
 PCB Dimensions(LengthxWidth) 33x33 mm 
 Display Dimensions(LengthxWidth) 32x32 mm 
 No. of Pins 10
 LED Colour Red
 Make  Make in India
Country of Origin China

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