Magnetic Control Reed Switch €“ 3mm x 15mm

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In the presence of a magnetic field, a Reed Switch closes the circuit. It's a type of passive electrical switching component that regulates the flow of electricity in a circuit. It consists of a glass envelope containing two ferrous elastic reeds and an inert gas or vacuum. Both reeds are normally apart, but once the magnetic field approaches the sensor, they will come together, completing the circuit. Electromagnetic relays, weighing devices, level metres, and other devices can be used to detect if a washing machine, refrigerator, or photocopier door is open or closed. It works with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC, and other microcontrollers. It can generate only digital output no analog output.

    Maximum Voltage 200V DC
    Maximum operating Current 1A
    Frequency 100Hz
    Contact Resistance 0.1Ω
    Insulation Resistance 100MΩ
    Operating Temperature -50°C to 140°C
    Country of Origin China

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