LM393- Electret Microphone Module

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LM393 Electret Microphone module uses LM393 as its main Op-Amp and is a single channel signal output sensor module. LM393 module has 3 pins which are Out, GND and VCC. GND is connected to the ground and VCC is connected to the positive terminal of the power supply. Out is an Output pin. Out pin is high when it does not detect any sound. It goes low whenever it detects sound in its surroundings. Out pin is connected to the digital pin of the microcontroller board or directly to a 5V relay.

There is a potentiometer onboard to calibrate the digital output of the module. By potentiometer, a threshold volume can be set and when this threshold volume is exceeded status LED will light up and digital output will be low. The other LED glows when the device is powered.  This module can be used for Acoustic control light, give sound and light alarms working with Photosensitive sensors, sound control, sound detect and DIY projects like clap circuits. 


  • Uses an electret condenser microphone
  • LM393 Op-Amp is used
  • Signal Output indication
  • Both Analog and Digital Output are given
  • The comparator output is light
  • Electric condenser microphone
  • Low-level output signal used for sound control light
Working voltage DC 3.3-5 V
Op-Amp IC LM393
Induction distance 0.5M
Board PCB Size 34 x 16 mm
Output Type  Both Analog and Digital
Trimpot Value 100k ohm 
Microphone Type Electret Condensor Microphone
Country of Origin China


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