LM35D Analog Temperature Sensor Module

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The LM35D Analog Temperature Sensor Module is a temperature sensor based on the LM35. The LM35 Linear Temperature Sensor module may be used to measure the temperature of the surrounding air. Temperature sensitivity is 10 millivolts per degree Celsius. The temperature has a direct relationship with the output voltage.

The LM35 is a precision IC temperature sensor with a proportional output to temperature (in degrees Celsius). Because the sensor circuitry is enclosed, it is not susceptible to oxidation or other processes. The temperature can be monitored more precisely with the LM35 than with a thermistor.

It also has a low self-heating property, causing a temperature rise of less than 0.1 °C in still air. The temperature range for operation is -55°C to 150°C. The output voltage changes by 10mV for every °C change in ambient temperature, resulting in a scale factor of 0.01V/°C.

Operating voltage

4V ~ 30 V DC

Current Consumption


Scale Factor

+10 mV/°C

Measuring Accuracy


Operational Temperature 

−55°C ~ +150°C

Signal Output Type




Country of Origin China

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