LM358 Operational Amplifier

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This amplifier module is based on the LM358 operational amplifier, which is a high-gain, frequency adjusted operational amplifier designed to operate across a wide voltage range from a single power source. It is utilised in standard operational amplifier circuits that require a single power rail to function.


  • 100 gain of the circuit design.
  • 10K onboard adjustable resistance, you can adjust the magnification.
  • Onboard power indicator.
  • The chip has led major pin can be directly input and output signals
DC voltage gain 100 dB
Bandwidth (unity gain)  1 MHz 
Input bias current 20 nA
Input Offset Voltage 2 mV
Pins 8
Package Type Dual Inline Package (DIP)
Input Supply Voltage Single: 3 -32 volts, Dual: 1.5-16 volts
Country of Origin China

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