LM2575T Step Down Voltage Regulator

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The step-down (buck) switching regulators of the LM2575 series of regulators are monolithic integrated circuits that can drive a 1A load with excellent line and load regulation. These devices come in versions with adjustable output voltages as well as fixed output voltages of 3.3V, 5V, 12V, and 15V. These regulators have a fixed-frequency oscillator and internal frequency adjustment, and they only need a small number of external components. A high-efficiency alternative to well-liked three-terminal linear regulators is provided by the LM2575 series. The heat sink's size is significantly reduced, and in many circumstances, one is not even necessary. A common series of inductors designed for use with the LM2575 is offered by a number of different producers.


  • Specified 1A Output Current

  • 5V, 12V, 15V, and Adjustable Output Versions

  • 52 kHz Fixed Frequency Internal Oscillator

  • Requires Only 4 External Components

  • TTL Shutdown Capability, Low Power Standby Mode

  • Thermal Shutdown and Current Limit Protection
Model LM2575T 
Type Voltage regulator
Package TO-220
Internal Oscillator frequency 52KHz
Output current 1A
No of pins 5
Total power dissipation 70W
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -40°C TO 125°C
Country of Origin China

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