AMS1117 ADJ 1A Adjustable LDO Voltage Regulator SOT-223 Package

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The AMS1117 is a popular SMD package 3-pin voltage regulator that is available in many models for fixed and adjustable voltage requirements. The IC can deliver a maximum current of 1A and the output voltage can vary from 1.5V to 12V. It also has a low dropout voltage of 1.3V when operating at maximum current.

  • It has a low dropout voltage
  • Its load regulation is 0.2% typical
  • It is optimized for low voltage
  • It has on-chip thermal limiting
  • It has a built-in thermal shutdown
  • It has good noise rejection
  • It has three-terminal adjustable or fixed low dropout


  • Used for Positive voltage regulations
  • Variable power supply
  • Current limiting circuits
  • Reverse polarity circuits
  • Commonly used in Desktop PC, DVD and other consumer products
  • Used in motor control circuits
  • High-Efficiency Linear Regulators
  • Post Regulators for Switching Supplies
  • Battery ChargersActive SCSI Terminators
  • Power Management for Notebook
  • Battery Powered Instrumentation


Package  SOT-223
Value LM1117 ADJ
LM1117 Adj Output Voltage 1.2V to 18V
Output Current 1A
Maximum Drop-out Voltage 1.3V
Operating junction temperature 125°C
Country of Origin China

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