AMS1117 ADJ - 1.5-12V 1A Adjustable Low Dropout LDO Voltage Regulator 3 Pin SOT-223

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The AMS1117 is a popular SMD package 3-pin voltage regulator that is available in many models for fixed and adjustable voltage requirements. 

The IC can deliver a maximum current of 1A and the output voltage can vary from 1.5V to 12V. It also has a low dropout voltage of 1.3V when operating at maximum current.

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Package  SOT-223
Value LM1117 ADJ
LM1117 Adj Output Voltage 1.2V to 18V
Output Current 1A
Maximum Drop-out Voltage 1.3V
Operating junction temperature 125°C

Pin Configuration-

 ADJ/GND (Pin 1) This pin adjusts the output voltage if it is a fixed voltage regulator,  it acts as a ground
Vout (Pin 2)  The regulated output voltage set by the adjusted pin can be obtained, from this pin
Vin (Pin 3) The input voltage which has to be regulated is given to this pin


  • It has a low dropout voltage
  • Its load regulation is 0.2% typical
  • It is optimized for low voltage
  • It has on-chip thermal limiting
  • It has a built-in thermal shutdown
  • It has good noise rejection
  • It has three-terminal adjustable or fixed low dropout


  • Used for Positive voltage regulations
  • Variable power supply
  • Current limiting circuits
  • Reverse polarity circuits
  • Commonly used in Desktop PC, DVD and other consumer products
  • Used in motor control circuits
  • High-Efficiency Linear Regulators
  • Post Regulators for Switching Supplies
  • Battery ChargersActive SCSI Terminators
  • Power Management for Notebook
  • Battery Powered Instrumentation

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