L9110S Dual DC Stepper Motor Driver Module

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The L9110 module is a two-way or dual-channel H-bridge motor controller or driver module with a small footprint. The module has two L9110 ICs, each of which can operate one stepper motor or two DC motors individually. It supports a wide range of voltages from 2.5 to 12 volts, making it compatible with both 3.3V and 5V microcontrollers. Both motor controller chips can drive a continuous current of up to 800mA. To prevent any damage to devices like microcontrollers, the module includes an output clamp diode. The module is suitable to control small robot cars. It contains a set of header pins for connecting to a microcontroller and a pair of two screw terminals for connecting to motors. With a PWM (pulse width modulation) signal and digital output, the motor's speed can be easily controlled.

  • Low static work current
  • Power supply voltage: DC2.5-12V
  • Each channel has 800mA continuous current output
  • Low saturation pressure drop
  • TTL/CMOS output level compatible can be connected directly to the CPU
  • Output built-in clamping diode, apply to the perceptual load
  • Control and drive integrated into IC
  • Have pin high-pressure protection function
  • Working temperature: 0-80 °C
  • VCC external 2. 5V-12V voltage, GND external GND
  • IA1 external MCU 10 port
  • IB1 external MCU 10 port
  • IA2 external MCU 10 port
  • IB2 external MCU 10 port
  • 0A1, 0B1 are connected to 2 pins of DC motor, no direction
  • 0A2, 0B2 are connected to 2 pins of DC motor, no direction
  • Turn on VCC, the GND module power indicator is on.
  • IA1 input high level, IB1 input low level, [0A1 0B1] motor forward
  • IA1 input low level, IB1 input high level, [0A1 0B1] motor reverse
  • IA2 input high level, IB2 input low level, [0A2 0B2] motor forward
  • IA2 input low level, IB2 input high level, [0A2 0B2] motor reverse
Operating Voltage 2.5V~12V DC
Max.Output Current 800mA
Main Chip L9110
Number of Channels 2
Size 29x23.2x14mm
Country of Origin China


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