L298N Motor Driver Module (Made in India)

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This is an L298N Motor Driver Controller Module Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver. The L298N Motor Driver Module is a dual full-bridge driver with high voltage and current. It accepts TTL logic-level inductive loads such as solenoids, relays, DC motors, and so on. This module controls two DC motors in any direction and speed at the same time. There are two enable inputs, which independently enable or disable the device based on the input signals. This Motor Driver module consists of an L298N Motor Driver IC, AMS1117 Voltage Regulator, resistors, capacitor, Power LED, and jumper in an integrated circuit.


  • The high-power motor driver is perfect for driving DC motor and stepper motor. 
  • Can control up to 4 DC motors and 2 DC motors with Directions and speed control. 
  • L298 contains an H-Bridge circuit which can drive a current in either polarity and be controlled by Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
  • Ideal for robotic applications and well-suited for connection to a microcontroller requiring just a couple of control lines per motor
  • Interfaced: simple manual switches, TTL logic gates, relays, etc
  • Motor & Drivers | Module | Motor Driver Module | Robotics | L298N Motor Driver Module.


L298N Motor Driver Module
Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver
Operated IC L298N
No of Output 04
No. of Control Motor
Max Current 2A
Drive Voltage 5V~30V
Board Dimension(L*W*D)
45 X 524(mm)
Make Made in India

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