L293ESP NodeMCU Motor Driver Shield

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This L293ESP Node MCU Motor Driver Shield is suitable for controlling a motor from a distance using a wireless connection. It is designed with a socket for connecting WiFi ESP8266 plates. The ESP12E Dev Kit and Node MCU are both compatible with the L293D Motor Driver Shield. This shield board is powered by the L293D powerful H-bridge chip, which can drive two-channel DC motors or a single-channel stepper motor directly.
The I/O port of the ESP-12E Development board are used as the controlling inputs for this motor driver shield. The logic chip installed inside can be driven by an IC. As a result, the shield board includes four ports: D1, D2, D3, and D3, which are utilized as PWMA (motor A), PWMB (motor B), DA (direction of motor A), and DB (direction of motor B). Furthermore, this shield board features numerous pins, including VIN, 3.3V, DIO, AIO, SDIO, UART, SPI, RST, and EN, making it easy to connect a variety of sensors (e.g., temperature and humidity, buzzer, light, relay sensor, etc.).

Motor Power Supply Range 4.5V-36V DC
Control Voltage 4.5V-9V DC
Control Current ≤60mA
Driving Current ≤1.2A
Maximum Power Dissipation 4W
Size 60x45x13mm
Country of Origin China

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