KSD01F-110 Temperature Switch TO-220 Package 24V, 3A

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KSD01F-110 is a TO-220-packaged Temperature Switch/Thermal switch. The Calibrated Bimetal will quickly connect the circuits (usually opened) when the outside temperature is too high. When the temperature drops to the reset temperature, the bimetal will revert to the reset position. The protection of the safety of the product temperature is frequently ensured in this way. Common applications included the alarm system circuit ON/OFF when overheated electrical equipment, electronic items, power supplies, vehicles, medical equipment, test equipment, home appliances, and circuit boards for temperature management and thermal overload protection.


  • KSD-01F-100 is a Bimetal Temperature Control Switch Thermostat.
  • General-purpose low cost, compact, large capacity, minute current thermostat.
  • Apply to circuit board for temperature control or thermal overload protection use.
Model KSD01F-110 
Type Temperature Switch
Package Type TO-220
Contact load 220V AC 1A or 24V DC 3A
Contact resistance 50mΩ
Temperature 110°C
Insulation value 100MΩ (500VDC)
Dielectric strength 1500V / DC, 60Hz
Standard tolerance ± 5
Country of Origin China

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