KP 3*AA 3.6V 1600mAh Nickel Cadmium Rechargeable Battery

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The nickel-cadmium battery, often known as a Ni-Cd battery or NiCad battery, is a type of rechargeable battery that uses metallic cadmium and nickel oxide hydroxide as electrode materials. It packs four batteries; its current capacity is 1600mAh its voltage is 3.6V. This battery is the direct competitor of lead-acid batteries. Many electronic devices are designed to work with primary cells that may discharge as low as 0.90 to 1.0 V per cell; the relatively steady 1.2 V of a Ni–Cd cell is enough to allow operation. Some would consider the near-constant voltage a drawback, making it difficult to detect when the battery charge is low. It has a total of three batteries which are connected in series.

Applications: Ni-Cd sealed cells can be used singly or together as battery packs with two or more cells. Small cells, frequently made in the exact sizes as primary cells, are utilised in toys and portable electronics (like solar garden lights). Ni-Cd batteries may function less effectively than primary cells when used in place of them due to their lower terminal voltage and reduced ampere-hour capacity. Photographic equipment, portable lights (such as flashlights or torches), computer memory standby, toys, and novelty items occasionally employ tiny button cells.


  • Ni-Cd battery's charge rate varies by size
  • Its maximum discharge rate is approximately 1.8A
  • Ni-Cd batteries are specially designed for model aircraft and boat builders.
  • Ni–Cd cells have a nominal cell potential of 1.2 volts (V). This is lower than the 1.5 V of alkaline and zinc–carbon primary cells
  • It is used to drive main motors. 5–6 minutes of model operation
  • Its operating temperature is -20 to 45-degree centigrade
Model Nickel Cadmium Rechargeable Battery
Type 3*AA 
Material Nickel Cadmium 
Pin 02
Diameter 14.1mm
Length 50mm
Current Capacity 1600mAh 
Voltage 3.6V
Country of Origin China

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