KOOCU 7 in 1 BGA Repair Station

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Its Koocu 7 in 1 BGA Repair Station Maintain Platform BGA Repairing Tools for Cell Phone. Original Magnetism auto-locking, double-work table design. Widely used in PC, cellphone and other electronic devices repairing. Effective grounding to prevent static on the board bga ic damage. Circuit board can not only do flat welding repair, but also for side-up, double-sided test.


  • It is convenient to dismantle, go back to weld BGA IC Integrated circuit one that plastics encapsulate.
  • It is convenient to measure the mobile phone, the board thread trouble of
    the pager.
  • The module of function is suitable for elites, outstanding machine king, the advisor Chinese machine decodes the maintenance of the board.
  • Can prevent damaging your desk-top system because the hot-blast rifle works defend static functions.

Package Includes:

  • 7-in-1 Tools:
    1. Maintain Platform
    2. Magnetic Frame
    3. Wire
    4. Clamp
    5. Selected Tool
    6. Soldering Paste
    7. Solder Wire
Type BGA Repair Station 
Brand Koocu
Mounting Hardware 1
Usage/Applications Repairing Tools for Cell Phone

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