KA3525 (SG3525) PWM Controller

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The KA3525A is a monolithic integrated circuit that includes all of the control circuits necessary for a pulse width modulating regulator. There is a voltage reference, an error amplifier, a pulse width modulator, an oscillator, an under-voltage lockout, a soft start circuit, and the output driver in the chip.


  • It can operate with a supply voltage of between 8 and 35 volts.
  • It has an external oscillator synchronization pin.
  • It has a pulse-to-pulse shutdown capability.
  • It can operate with a frequency range of 100 to 400KHz.
  • It also provides a feature of versatile dead-time control between switching signals to turn on or off devices like MOSFETs, IGBTS, and power transistors.
  • The maximum power dissipation is about 1000mW.


  • It is used for power electronics applications like pure sine wave inverters.
  • It is used to generate regulated voltage for dc to dc convert circuits like a DC-DC Convertor and DC-AC Inverter
  • It is used in Motor Control and lamp dimmers

Package 16 Pin DIP
Output Current  500mA
Number of Pins 16
Frequency  430 kHz
Output Voltage  5.1V
Input Supply Voltage 8-35V


Pin Configuration
 Pin 1 INV
Pin 2 NINV
Pin 3 SYNC
Pin 6 CT
Pin 7 RT
Pin 8 SS
Pin 9 VREF
Pin 10 VC
Pin 11 +VIN
Pin 12 OUTB
Pin 11 OUTA
Pin 10 SHDN
Pin 9 COMP
Pin 12 VSS

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