JUC-31F 105°C Subminiature Bimetal Disc Thermostat

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The RoHS-compliant  JUC-31F 105°C is a single pole/single throw, positive snap action, sub-miniature bimetallic thermostat that combines accurate and dependable sensing and switching. Dimensionally, the JUC31F105 thermostat complies with the TO220 international product package standard. Thus, the expensive hand placement and termination necessary today for the majority of power supply thermostats may be avoided by automatically placing and soldering the 6700 into PC boards with high speed automated equipment. The JUC31F105 offers a quick, affirmative response with superb repeatability. The thermostat has a switch capability of up to 0.5 amp for 48VDC, and achieves low-level switching down to 0.001A to 0.020A at 5 VDC for 100,000 cycles. The factory pre-set temperature cannot be changed in the field. The unit is excellent for both surface mount and ambient air sensing since thermal conductivity is mostly between the terminals and the mounting bracket. For greater dielectric strength and VDE approval, you can use the laminated plastic mounting bracket in place of the conventional nickel-plated copper mounting bracket.

  • Up to 20,000 life cycles @ max standard amperage
  • RoHS compliant per EU directive 2002 / 95 / EC
  • TO-220 international electronic package standard
  • Ideal for surface and air sensing on PC boards and heat sinks
  • VDE approved with “P” bracket option
Model JUC31F105
Rating 0.5 Amp @ 48 V DC
Switching Temperature 105 °C
Reset Temperature 80 °C
Function Close on Rise
Package TO-220
Rated Load 250V 2A AC
Country of Origin China

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