JIA 5-35W Micro Soldering Station

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It's a JIA Micro Soldering Station. Micro-soldering is the process of joining ultra-fine wires and microelectronic components using miniaturized equipment. Similar to soldering, micro soldering also melts a filler material that joins two workpieces together. It is as small as 9 microns, (5 – 10 times thinner than a human hair). In today's world, there is an increasing demand for miniaturized and microscopic parts for components, such as sensors and transducers.

Features :

  • Transformer based Unit.
  • Metallic body for Station.
  • High-Grade Plastic used for Iron.
  • Pre-Printed Set and Run Modes on station.
  • Power Indicator.
  • Soldering Stand On Soldering Station Box.
  • ON/OFF Switch 
  • Temperature Controlled Regulator 
  • No leakage in the AC Voltage as the product run on a 12V circuit unlike others
  • Low Voltage Soldering Pen
  • ESD Safe.

Specification :

Type  Micro Soldering Station
Operating Voltage  220V AC
Power  5-35 W
Switch  ON/OFF
Input Cord Type  Type C
Output Type  DC 
Temperature Controlled Regulator  Yes 
Power Indicator  Red
Soldering pen Tip size  0.5 mm
Country of Origin China

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