JetRacer AI Kit, AI Racing Robot Powered by Jetson Nano

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JetRacer AI Kit, AI Racing Robot Powered by Jetson Nano

This is an AI Racing Robot kit based on Jetson Nano Developer Kit. Supports deep learning, auto line following, autonomous driving, and so on.


Autonomous AI Racing Car

Interactive Webpage Programming, High Frame Rate Processing Through Torch2trt (PyTorch To TensorRT Translator) Optimizing, Easy To Achieve Autonomous Selft Driving

Suitable For High School AI Teaching / Intelligent Racing

DonkeyCar Open Source Project - Deep Learning Self Driving Car

JetRacer AI Kit Also Supports DonkeyCar Open Source Project. DonkeyCar Utilizes Deep Learning Neural Network Framework Keras/TensorFlow, Together With Computer Vision Library OpenCV, To Achieve Self Driving.

Deep Learning, Autonomous Driving


JetRacer Expansion Board Highly Integrated

Rechargeable, Battery Voltage Monitor, No Messy Wiring, Simple Assembly

8MP 160° FOV Camera

IMX219 High Quality Sensor, 3280×2464 Resolution

USB Wireless NIC

High Speed WiFi, Stable Connection, Low Latency

Multiple Teleoperation Method

Extra Free Track Map

Delivered With 3m×2m Large Size Track Map For Your Convenience

NVIDIA Official Partner

As An NVIDIA Official Authorized Partner, Waveshare Is Capable Of Providing Genuine Products And Reliable Tech Support

Package Contains:

  1. 1x ThinkRobotics Jetson Nano 4GB B01 Developer Kit (Optional)
  2. 1x JetRacer metal kit 6PCS
  3. 2x EVA felt pad
  4. 1x 3D-printed motor lid
  5. 1x JetRacer expansion board
  6. 1x IMX219-160 Camera
  7. 1x USB wireless NIC
  8. 1x Acrylic piece
  9. 1x Servo mount
  10. 2x Metal Gearmotor
  11. 4x Tire
  12. 2x Coupler
  13. 1x MG996R servo
  14. 1x MG996R servo wheel
  15. 2x Steering knuckle
  16. 4x Ball bearing
  17. 4x M3 plastic ball joint
  18. 2x M3 pull bar
  19. 1x 12.6V 2A battery charger + EU head
  20. 1x Wireless gamepad
  21. 1x 6Pin cable
  22. 2x Spanner
  23. 2x Screwdriver
  24. 1x Mini cross wrench sleeve
  25. 1x 4010 cooling fan
  26. 1x Micro SD card reader
  27. 1x Screws pack
  28. 1x Track map

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