JetMax ROS Robot Arm for Jetson Nano

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JetMax ROS Robot Arm for Jetson Nano

JetMax is the best AI robotic arm powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano. It is equipped with HD wide-angle camera and high-quality smart bus servo, adopts ROS robot system and supports Python programming. Through deep learning and AI vision, this robotic arm can perform multiple tasks, such as color tracking, waste sorting, gesture recognition, face tracking, mask identification. Via Android/iOS mobile APP, PC computer, mouse and wireless handle, you can control it at your fingertip.

With JetMax, not only can you master the robot vision, image processing, robot kinematics, etc., but also can swiftly complete various AI creativity projects. Ample tutorials and source codes are provided aiming at helping you make the AI ideas into reality.

Driven by AI Powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano

The open-source JetMax robot arm is powered by Jetson Nano, which supports deep learning, computer vision, graphics and more. Jetson Nano has the performance and capabilities you need to run modern AI workloads, giving you a fast and easy way to add advanced AI to your JetMax robot arm.
Jetson Nano can connect to a variety of advanced networks, such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe/Caffe2, Keras, MXNet, etc., which can meet the computing power required by most AI projects. Powered by Jetson Nano, the robotic arm JetMax can perform powerful functions such as image recognition, object detection and positioning, posture recognition, intelligent analysis, etc.

First Person Vision

Adjustable Angle

The end camera of the JetMax can be mounted vertically and horizontally, giving JetMax a top view and a flat view for different task needs.

HD Image, Real Time Remote Control

Enable to interact with the perceived environment efficiently and empower you to skillfully make your AI creativity into reality.

Various Changeable End-of-arm Tools

The end of JetMax can be fitted with air pump suction nozzles, gripper, electromagnetic suction cup, pen holder, pen, etc., to adapt to more AI scenarios.

AI Vision Recognition

Object Tracking

Taking OpenCV as image processing library, JetMax can exploit FPV to recognize and locate the blocks of different colors to realize various AI projects.

Color Sorting

Intelligent Stacking

Object Tracking

Deep Learning, Model Training

Waste cards, alphabet cards and number cards are provided in the kit. JetMax can swiftly recognize different kinds of cards to implement complex AI projects, like waste sorting, auto sequencing, word spelling, numeric calculation, etc.

Waste Sorting

Auto Sequencing

Word Spelling

Numeric Calculation

Human Feature Recognition, AI Interaction

Gesture Recognition

Facial Emotion Recognition

Gesture Picking

Inverse Kinematics Algorithm

Support Path Planning

With built-in kinematics algorithm, JetMax can calculate the theoretical moving angle of each joint through the input of target coordinates. Then combined with the serial bus servo control protocol, it can precisely control the servos.

Attributed to inverse kinematics algorithm, not only can accurately achieve target transferring and tracking, but also carry out path planning for the robotic arm, and complete advanced tasks such as writing numbers, drawing stick figures.

Drawing Stick Figures

Writing Numbers

Support Various Module Expansions

JetMax reserves a lot of sensor ports. With different sensors connected, more AI applications can be realized easily through program coding. Use your imagination, your creativity is irreplaceable!

Mask Identification

Fan Module

Face Tracking

ROS Robot Operating System

Four Control Methods

PC software control

iOS/ Android app control

Mouse control

Wireless handle control

Smart Serial Bus Servo

Fitted with three precision smart bus servos, JetMax is capable of high accuracy and heavy payload. Using trajectory planning algorithm, JetMax can maneuver accurately according to your programmed path.

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