JetHexa ROS Hexapod Robot Kit with Jetson Nano

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JetHexa is an open source hexapod robot based on Robot Operating System (ROS). It is armed with high-performance hardware, such as NVIDIA Jetson Nano, intelligent serial bus servos, Lidar and HD camera/ 3D depth camera, which can implement robot motion control, mapping and navigation, tracking and obstacle avoidance, custom prowling, human feature recognition, somatosensory interaction and other functions. Adopted novel inverse kinematics algorithm, supporting tripod and ripple gaits and with highly configurable body posture, height and speed, JetHexa will bring user ultimate using experience.

JetHexa not only serves as an advanced platform for user to learn and verify hexapod movement, but also provides solutions for ROS development. To help user embark on a new journey of ROS hexapod robotic world, ample ROS and robot learning materials and tutorials are provided.

Hexapod Robot Kit


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