IRL520 N-channel 100V 10A Mosfet

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IRL520N is a third-generation Power MOSFET that provides the designer with the best combination of fast switching, ruggedized device design, low on-resistance and
The I2PAK (TO-220) is a through-hole power package capable of accommodating die size up to HEX-4. It provides the highest power capability and the lowest possible
on-resistance in any existing surface mount package.

IRF Mosfets need 10V at the gate to fully turn on. IRL Mosfets need 5V at the gate to fully turn on.

Type of Control Channel N-Channel
Maximum Power Dissipation 60W
Maximum Drain Source Voltage 100V
Maximum Gate Source Voltage 10V
Maximum Gate Threshold Voltage 2V
Maximum Drain Current  9.2A
Maximum Junction Temperature 175°C
Rise Time 64nS
Drain Source Capacitance 150 pF
Maximum Drain Source ON state Resistance 0.27 ohm

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