IRG4PF50WPBF Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor

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IRG4PF50WPBF is an insulated gate bipolar transistor designed by the International rectifier. It is used in power switching and welding applications. It has low IGBT conduction losses. Its latest technology, IGBT, offers tight parameters distribution and exceptional reliability. Its maximum operating voltage is 900V, and the frequency is 20 to 100kHz.

Especially useful in single-ended converters and power supplies with 150 W or more
 Low on-state losses and low minority-carrier recombination reduce the key E-off parameter, allowing for the most significant degree of device application flexibility.


  • Lower switching loss

  • Its maximum power dissipation is 78W

  • The soldering temperature is 300°C

  • Low IGBT conduction losses

  • Lower switching losses allow more cost-effective operation and hence the efficient replacement of larger-die MOSFETs up to 100kHz

Type BJT
Package TO-247AC
Brand International rectifier
Reverse Voltage Avalanche Energy 186mJ
Output Capacitance 200pF
Total power dissipation 78 to 200W
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -55°C TO 150°C

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