IRG4PC50FD 600V 70A IGBT Power Transistor TO-247

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It is an Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor With Ultrafast Soft Recovery Diode. Co-packaged IGBTs are a natural extension of the well-known IGBT range from International Rectifier. They combine the features of an IGBT and an ultrafast recovery diode into a single device, making them ideal for a variety of high-voltage, high-current, motor control, UPS, and power supply applications.


  • Fast: Optimized for medium operating frequencies ( 1-5 kHz in hard switching, >20kHz in resonant mode).
  • Generation 4 IGBT design provides tighter parameter distribution and higher efficiency than Generation 3
  • IGBT co-packaged with HEXFRED TM ultrafast, ultra-soft-recovery anti-parallel diodes for use in bridge configurations
  • Industry standard TO-247AC package
Model IRG4PC50FD 
 Category IGBT Transistors
Technology Si
Max. Collector-Emitter Voltage 600V
Mounting Style
Max.  Collector Current 39A
Channel N-Type
Max. Junction Temperature 175°C
Pd - Power Dissipation 200 W
Country of Origin China

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