IRFP3710 100V 57A N-CHANNEL Power MOSFET TO-247 Package (Pack of 100)

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The IR MOSFET family of Power MOSFETs uses tried-and-true silicon manufacturing techniques to provide designers with a wide range of products to serve several applications, including battery-powered devices, DC motors, inverters, SMPS, lighting, load switches, and illumination. This feature offers the designer a highly effective and dependable device for usage in a range of applications, in addition to the quick switching speed and ruggedized device architecture that HEXFET Power MOSFETs are widely known for. For commercial and industrial applications where TO-220 devices cannot be used due to greater power levels, the TO-247 package is suggested. Because of its isolated mounting hole, the TO-247 is similar to the older TO-218 package but is better.


  • Planar cell structure for wide SOA (SAFE OPERATING AREA)
  • Silicon optimized for applications switching below <100kHz
  • Industry standard through-hole power package
  • High current rating
  • Advanced Process Technology 
  • Dynamic dv/dt Rating 
  • 175°C Operating Temperature 
  • Fast Switching 
  • Fully Avalanche Rated 
Model IRFP3710
Type Power MOSFET
Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V 57 A
Power Dissipation  @  25°C 200 W
Avalanche Current 28 A
Gate-to-Source Voltage (VGS) ± 20 V (max)
Storage Temperature Range  -55°C to + 175°C
Mounting  type TO247 
Quantity 100

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