IRFB4310 100V Power MOSFET

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IRFB4310 is a power MOSFET. As we already know, the power MOSFET is designed to handle high levels of power. These MOSFETS perform significantly better than standard MOSFETs in the lower voltage range, thanks to their rapid switching. It operates on the same principles as standard MOSFETs. It's used in rectification circuits, SMPS (switch mode power supply), UPS (uninterrupted power supply), High switching circuits, and High-frequency switching circuits.


  • Improved avalanche gate and dynamic ruggedness dv/dt

  • Its maximum power dissipation is 330W

  • The soldering temperature is 300-degree centigrade

  • Enhanced body diode dv/dt and di/dt capability

  • Max Storage & Operating temperature should be: -65 to +175 Centigrade

Model IRFB4310
Type Power MOSFET
Package T0-220AB
Brand International rectifier
Pulse source current 550A
Diode forward voltage 1.1V
Maximum power dissipation 330W
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -65°C TO 175°C
Country of Origin China

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