IR2153 Self Isolating Half Bridge Driver

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An enhanced variant of the widely used IR2155 and IR2151 gate driver ICs, the IR2153D(S) incorporates a high voltage half-bridge gate driver with a front end oscillator that is similar to the CMOS555 timer. In comparison to earlier ICs, the IR2153 offers more capability and is simpler to operate. The CT pin features a shutdown capability that allows both gate driver outputs to be turned off using a low voltage control signal. Additionally, once the rising under voltage lockout threshold on VCC has been achieved, the gate driver output pulse widths are constant, resulting in a more stable frequency vs. time profile at startup. Increasing the under voltage lockout hysteresis to and reducing the peak di/dT of the gate drivers have both greatly enhanced noise immunity.

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  • It has true micropower setup

  • Its an integrated 600V Half bridge driver
  • It has Low coefficient temperature and dead time
  • It has Low side output in Phase with RT
  • Its a lower power level shifting
Model IR2153
Type IC
Package 8 Lead DIP
Brand International rectifier
Supply voltage 10V
No of pins 8
Supply  current 5mA
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -40°C TO 125°C



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