IR Sensor Analog & Digital Outputs Module (2 Pieces)

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This is a 4 Pin Infrared Sensor Module with Both Digital & Analog output available, an Adjustable Range using preset (Using Potentiometer Onboard), Its Operating Voltage is 3.3-5V DC, Digital Output: logic one (+3.5V DC) logic zero (0V DC), Analog Output: 0 to 1023 respective to 5v & 8-bit ADC. It can be helpful in various Robotic Applications, Room Visitor Counter Systems, Industrial Applications & Devices etc.


  • Both Digital & Analog outputs are available
  • It can be helpful in various Robotic Applications
  • Compatible with ARDUINO, RASPBERRY PI, ARM, AVR, PIC, 8051, etc
Model IR Sensor Module
Technology Infrared
Type IR Sensor
No. of Pin 04
Output Mode
Both Digital & Analog output 
Dimension L*W (mm) 35*22mm
Make in India
Country of Origin China

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