Internal Resistance and Voltage Testing Machine for Lithium Battery

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The IRT-2000 Automatic battery internal resistance tester, abbreviated as machine hereinafter, is used to assess the inner resistance of a battery as well as the degree of acidification membrane damage done to the battery. The inner resistance of an object can be calculated by applying a 1KHz AC signal to it and monitoring the AC voltage drop. (This is not the same as measuring resistance with a multi-purpose electric metre.) It is used to measure milliohm-class resistance and may be used on objects with or without a power supply, but a multi-purpose electric meter is used to measure ohm-class resistance and can only be used on objects without a power supply; thus, the two are not equivalent.) The magnitude of the resistance value is used to determine battery quality. In general, the lower the resistance value, the higher the quality of the battery. As a result, testing the internal resistance of a battery is a rapid and reliable way to assess its quality.


  1. Cadmium nickel battery, metallic hydride nickel battery and lithium battery for mobile phone;
  2. Lead acid storage battery and maintenance-free storage battery;
  3. Scientific research units researching various batteries or battery producers.


Machine model

Battery internal resistance tester

Source voltage

AC110V-240V, 50/60HZ



Testing speed



Can connect with computer

Suitable varies kinds of battery and battery core

Buzzer alarm

Voltage test V1

Voltage range : 0-4.999V

Minimum resolution : 0.001V

Accuracy : ±0.002V

Voltage test V2

Voltage range : 0-29.99V

Minimum resolution : 0.01V

Accuracy: ±0.01V

Resistance test R1

Resistance range: 0.1—200 mΩ

Minimum resolution: 0.1mΩ

Accuracy: ±0.5 mΩ

Resistance test R2

Resistance range:1—2000 mΩ

Minimum resolution: 1mΩ

Accuracy: ±2 mΩ

Suitable batteries

Lithium battery, lithium pouch cell(Lithium polymer battery)

Nickel metal hydride, nickel-cadmium battery, lead-acid battery and so on.

Country of Origin China

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