IN-100 Ultrasonic Sensor Module CS100A (Made in India)

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This IN-100 is a CS100A Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Sensor Module. It is an ultrasonic sensor module based on the CS100 ultrasonic distance measurement chip. This chip combines an ultrasonic transmitter, a receiver, and digital processing circuits. The output of the distance measurement result is in the form of the pulse width. There are two main components of an ultrasonic detector: the emitter and the detector. The emitter sends out an ultrasonic sound wave, and the detector receives the signal reflected by an object. The object's distance can be calculated by multiplying the travel time by the speed of sound.

This Ultrasonic sensor module has four pins, i.e., Vcc, Trigger, Echo and Ground. At the Vcc pin, 5 V DC is supplied to power the sensor. The trigger pin is kept high for 10ms to start measurement by sending Ultrasonic waves. The echo pin is high for the period of time taken by the Ultrasonic wave to reach back to the sensor. The ground pin is connected to the Ground of the system. The trigger pin is an input pin, while Echo is an output pin. This module measures the time taken by the Ultrasonic wave to strike the nearest object and reach back to the sensor. As the propagation speed of the Ultrasonic wave (330 m/s in room condition) and time taken by the wave are known, the distance travelled by the Ultrasonic wave can be calculated by the microprocessor using the formula Distance= Speed X Time

IN-100 Ultrasonic Sensor Module
Type Ultrasonic Sensor 
Integrated IC CS100A
Working Voltage 3V-5.5V
Working Current 5.3mA
No. of Pins 04
Make Made in India
Dimension 45*20*15 mm 
Country of Origin China

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