IKSemicon LM2596-5.0 DC-DC Step-Down Fixed Voltage Regulator

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The LM2596 regulator series is a monolithic integrated circuit that provides all of the active operations for a step-down switching regulator capable of driving a 3A load with excellent line and load control. Multiple variants are available for these devices in 3.3V, 5V, and 12V fixed output voltages and an adjustable output variant.
These regulators are simple to operate because they require only a few external components. The switching frequency of the IL2596 series is 150kHz. A standard 5-lead TO220 package is available. Other features include a guaranteed 4% output voltage tolerance under specified input voltage and output load conditions and a 15% oscillator frequency tolerance. External shutdown is provided, with a typical standby current of 100A.


  • 5V output
  • Adjustable version output voltage range, 1.2V to 37V
  • ± 4% max over the line and load conditions
  • Guaranteed 3A output load current
  • Input voltage range up to 40V
  • Requires only four external components
  • Excellent line and load regulation specifications
  • 150kHz fixed frequency internal oscillator
  • TTL shutdown capability
  • Low power standby mode,
  • IQ typically 100µA
  • Thermal shutdown and current limit protection


  • Simple, high-efficiency step-down regulator
  • On-card switching regulators
  • Positive to negative converter
Model IL2596-5.0
Input Voltage
4.5V-40V DC
Rated Current
Number of Pins 5
Output Voltage Range 5.1-5.25V DC
Switching Frequency 150 kHz
Package TO-263 
Mounting Type SMD
Quantity 500 
Country of Origin China


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