HY510 Grey Thermal Paste

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This thermal paste offers high performance and good thermal conductivity ratings. It features a very low contact resistance and creates an ultra-thin bond line. Suitable for CPU and Peltier cooling and other power electronic heat-sink applications. It is used to fill the gap between the CPU and the heat sink is thermal paste. This substance is also known as a thermal interface material. Its purpose is to transmit heat from the CPU to the heat sink, maintain a steady CPU temperature, prevent the CPU from being harmed by insufficient heat dissipation, and extend the service life. The act regulates electronic components, electricians, home appliances, LCDs, LEDs, CPU coolers, and other items to improve heat transmission, filling gaps, insulation, waterproofing, moisture resistance, shock resistance, and other features.

Item No. HY510
Colour Grey
Thermal Conductivity 1.93 W/m-k
Thermal Impedance <0.225 C-in²/W
Specific Gravity >2g/cm³
Viscosity 1000
Thixotropic Index 280±10 1/10mm
Moment Bore Temperature -50°C~300°C
Operation Temperature -30°C~280°C
Weight 10g
Country of Origin China

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