HW-586 1.2V 12V 18650 Battery Capacity Tester

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The HW-586 battery capacity tester is a specialized tool designed for testing the capacity of batteries, including 18650 batteries. It operates in discharge mode and can handle batteries with a voltage range of 1.2-12V. This single-function device efficiently controls the load to obtain real-time integrated discharge current capacity results. The tester supports a maximum discharge voltage and current of 15V and 3A, respectively, but it does not discharge on its own. It is capable of providing maximum capacity statistics, supporting up to 9999Ah (9999000mAh). The device is equipped with an automatic identification feature to determine the appropriate battery termination voltage, and it also allows for manual adjustment if needed.


  • Its power supply voltage is DC4.5-6V 
  • Its operating current is less than 70mA
  • Its discharge voltage is 1.00V-15.00V 0.01V resolution
  • Its supported current is 3.000A 0.001A resolution

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