HW-404 HD Digital Audio Power Amplifier MP3 Module

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The HW-404 HD Digital Audio Power Amplifier Board sounds like a versatile and efficient piece of equipment! The incorporation of the TPA3110 core technology in a high-efficiency class D audio power amplifier suggests a solid performance in delivering quality sound output. The BTL bridge circuit's improved efficiency is definitely a plus, as it helps optimize the power usage and performance of the amplifier. Having a dynamic power supply range from 12V to 24V widens its compatibility with different setups, which is convenient for various applications. The inclusion of double power supply transformers and a small quiescent current contribute to its efficiency, ensuring that it operates smoothly while consuming minimal power when idle. And those protection functions—overvoltage protection and output current limit—add a layer of security to prevent damage from unexpected power surges or excessive current flow.

Part Number HW-404
Mounting Style Board Mount
Type Audio Amplifier

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