Hongfa Power Relay 250V AC 10A HF32FV-G

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Power Relay 250V AC 10A HF32FV-G uses an electromagnet to open or close a circuit when the input (coil) is correctly excited. It can provide a high level of isolation between the control signal (coil) and the output (contacts). An electromagnet is the heart of a relay (a coil of wire that becomes a temporary magnet when electricity flows through it). 10A switching capabilities, 4kV dielectric strength (between coil and contacts), and an environmentally friendly product.


  • 10A switching capability 
  •  Dielectric strength 4kV (between coil and contacts) 
  • MAX Power: 250V AC
  • Sensitive
  • Plastic sealed body
Max. Load Current 10A
Load Voltage 250V AC
Nominal Coil Voltage 24V DC
Contact Resistance 100mΩ
Size 19.6x18.2x9.8mm

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