HiWonder ROSSpider - the most advanced Intelligent Vision Hexapod Robot

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ROSpider is an intelligent vision-based hexapod robot developed on the ROS operating system. It is equipped with 45KG high-voltage bus servos, based on Jetson Nano B01 as the main controller it features:

  • LiDAR
  • 3D depth camera
  • IMU sensor
  • far-field microphone array
  • speaker
  • electric pan-tilt
  • OLED LCD screen

...and other high-performance hardware configurations. It also comes with advanced kinematic gait algorithms, allowing for flexible transitions between various complex gaits. The robot's body posture, height, speed, and stride can be continuously adjusted.

Due to its powerful controller, the ROSpider robot possesses various functionalities, including gait control, remote communication, mapping and navigation, path planning, obstacle avoidance while following, voice recognition, sound source localization, and voice guidance. Additionally, it can perform AI vision applications such as object recognition, gesture control, target tracking, and mask detection.

ROSpider hexapod robot is suitable for educational experiments, scientific research, and innovative practices. It not only fulfills users' needs for learning and validating hexapod robot kinematic algorithms and path planning navigation algorithms but also offers a quick and convenient integration solution for depth learning, computer vision, and voice interaction for secondary development. We provide comprehensive courses and teaching materials, along with open-source Python code for the robot, to assist users in better understanding related knowledge.



  • Size
    • Body shell length253mm
    • Body shell width141mm
    • Single leg rotation radius258mm
    • Maximum width in the expanded posture738mm
  • Weight3.8KG
  • DOF19
  • Body material6061 Hard aluminum alloy material with surface black oxidation treatment
  • Battery11.1V 5000mah10C Lipo battery
  • Operating systemROS Melodic
  • Programming ToolPython
  • Depth CameraOREEBECR Astra Pro Plus
  • LidarSLAMTEC S2L
  • Control methodComputer /mobile app/handle
  • APP NameWonderROS (Android and IOS)
  • ControllerJetson Nano Board +Jetson Nano Expansion
    • Jetson Nano Board
      • GPU : NVIDIA Maxwell architecture, equipped with 128 NVIDIA CUDA cores.
      • CPU4-core ARM Cortex-A57 MPCore processor
      • Memory: 4GB 64-bit LPDDR4.
      • Storage32GB Class 10TF
    • Jetson Nano Expansion Board:
      • 9-channel bus servo interfaces
      • 2-channel PWM servo interfaces
      • 2x GPIO interfaces (4Pin)
      • 2x IIC interfaces (4Pin)
      • 1x communication serial port
      • Built-in switches
      • DC power interface
      • Buzzer
      • LED lights
      • 2x programmable buttons.
  • Depth CameraAstra Pro Plus):
    • 3D technologyORBBECR monocular structured light
    • Scope of work0.6~8m
    • Field of viewFOV): H58.4°*V45.8°
    • FOVRGB): H66.73°xV40.19°@1920x1080, H66.99x°V40.37°@1280x720, H60.60°xV46.81°@640x480
    • Depth processing chipMX6000
    • Data interfaceUSB2.0
    • Size164.85x48.25x40mm
    • Close protection:Supported
  • LidarSLAMTEC S2L):
    • ModelSLAMTEC S2L
    • DimensionBottom diameter 77mmTotal height 38.85mm
    • Measurement methodTOF distance measurement
    • Supply current400mA
    • Communication interfaceTTL UART3.3V level
    • Angular resolution0.12°
    • Scanning radius0.05-30m for white objects,>10m for black objects
    • Measurement blind zone0.05m
    • Sampling frequency32KHz
    • Scanning frequency15hz
  • ServosHTD-45H Hight-voltage bus servo & HTS-20H High Voltage Bus servo
    • HTD-45H Hight-voltage bus servo:
      • BrandHiWonder
      • Weight64g
      • Size51.1mmx20.14mmx40mm
      • Shell material: Aluminum alloy middle shell, orange anodized surface
      • Torque45KG.cm 11.1V
      • Working voltage9V-12.6V
      • Speed0.18sec/60° 11.1V
      • Portsthree ports
      • Angle control range :  0-1000, corresponding to 0°-240°
      • Protectionavoid stalling and overheat
      • Stalled current3A
      • Servo accuracy0.2°
      • Control methodUART serial command
      • Gear type: Stainless steel gear
      • ConnectorPH2.0-3P
      • Communication baud rate115200
      • Servo ID0-253 for user settingID 1 is default
      • Data feedback: temperature, voltage, position
    • HTS-20H Hight-voltage bus servo:
      • BrandHiWonder
      • Weight58g
      • Size54.38mm*20.04mm*45.50mm
      • Torque20KG.cm 11.1V
      • Working voltage9V-12.6V
      • Speed0.18sec/60° 11.1V
      • No-load current100mA
      • Rotation0°-240°
      • Protectionavoid stalling and overheat
      • Stalled current3A
      • Servo accuracy0.2°
      • Control methodUART serial command
      • Angle control range :  0-1000, corresponding to 0°-240°
      • Gear : metal
      • ConnectorPH2.0-3P
      • Communication baud rate115200
      • Storage: save data when power off
      • Servo ID0-253 for user settingID 1 is default
      • Portsthree ports
      • Data feedback: temperature, voltage, position
      • Working modeservo mode and deceleration motor mode
  • 6-Microphone Array and Speaker:
    • Diameter85mm
    • Pickup distance3.5m
    • Sound source localization accuracy
    • Noise reductionsupport
    • LanguageMandarin & English
    • Linux developmentcomplete SDK routine is provided for offline voice command recognition,recognition result, wake-up angle and audio feedback
    • Speaker size30x70mm
    • Number of speakers:Two
  • RGB LED ring module:
    • 4PIN interface
    • 5 independent RGB lights, each with adjustable colors, adjustable color levels: 255x255x255
    • RGB LED modelWS2812B
    • Voltage3.3V/5V
    • ApertureM3
  • OLED LCD screen module:
    • 4PIN interface
    • Multiple control commands for adjusting brightness, contrast, etc.
    • Can display Chinese characters, ASCII, graphics, etc.
    • Voltage5V
    • Size50x20mm
  • SoftwareVNC software, Upper machine software, and Android/iOS mobile app software.
  • Product List
    • ROSpider Robot (assembled, including mianboard)
    • Tags
    • PS2 handle
    • Card reader
    • 12V charger
    • USB flash drive
    • Screwdriver
    • Balls
  • Learning MaterialsWe provide a complete set of teaching materials, including ROS courses and case studies, real-person instructional videos on image LiDAR path planning navigation, machine vision applications, gameplay instructional documents and Python code, Android and iOS mobile app software, VNC software, and upper machine software
  • FunctionRTAB-VSLAM 3D visual mapping and navigation, LIDAR mapping and navigation, KCF object tracking, group control and formation, object recognition and tracking, tag recognition, gesture recognition, motion control, body self-balancing, LIDAR obstacle avoidance, radar tracking, far-field sound source localization, speech recognition, and speech navigation.
  • Patent and Software Copyright
    • Title: Three-port Servo, Patent Number: ZL201830387941.4
    • Title: Lehuansuor Bus Servo System Software, Registration Number: 2017SR194010

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