Hilink HLK-5M03 3.3V 5W AC to DC Power Supply Module

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The HLK-5M03 by Hi-Link is a 3.3V, 5W AC to DC power supply module enclosed in plastic and intended for PCB mounting. It effectively converts 100V AC to 240V AC into a stable 3.3V DC output, making it a suitable choice for powering small projects directly from mains voltage. This module streamlines traditional power supply components like diodes, voltage regulators, and transformers, resulting in numerous advantages, including minimal temperature increase, low power consumption, high efficiency, excellent reliability, and secure isolation. As a switching source, it's immune to voltage grid fluctuations. Designed for PCB installation, it's an ideal solution for powering your electronic circuits. This versatile module finds applications in various industries, including smart home systems, automation and control, communication equipment, and instrumentation.


  • Wide AC Input Voltage Range: Accepts input voltages ranging from 90V to 264V AC.
  • Minimal Ripple and Noise: Provides a clean and stable output with low levels of disturbance.
  • Protection Against Overload and Short Circuits: Equipped with safeguards to prevent damage due to excessive loads or short circuits.
  • Efficient and High Power Density: Offers high efficiency and packs a lot of power in a small form factor.
  • EMC and Safety Compliance: Designed to meet the requirements for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and safety testing.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Operates with low power consumption and boasts minimal no-load power loss (<0.1W).

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