Hilight 5V 200W 40A LED Driver Power Supply

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It is a Hilight 5V 200W 40A AC-DC  Power Supply . It is consists of 5 input terminals are two line , two neutral and 1 ground and 5 output terminal .It is enclosed by plastic materials. It provides better regulation. Basically it is a power supply which convert 220V alternating voltage into 5V DC. Its Commonly used in Solar panels, LED luminous characters, light bars, light strips, modules, and lighting applications.


  • Protect the device from an internal or external short circuit current .
  • Protects the power supply from load faults such as short circuits and open circuits.
  • The power supply corrects the phase difference between voltage and current in order to optimize power output.
Model HPMN150R
Brand HiLight
Type Power supply
Input Voltage 220V AC
Output Voltage 5V DC
Current 40A
Power 200W
Dimension 187*81.1*30mm
No. of input terminals 5
No. of output terminals 3
Terminal Type Screw Type
Country of Origin China

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