HiLight 12V 500W IP67 Water Proof LED Driver Power Supply

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Its HiLight 12V 500W IP67 Water Proof LED Driver Power Supply, which is used to drive LED, Within a set design range, an LED driver circuit should be immune to voltage spikes and other AC line noise. It can filter out harmonics in the output current to keep them from impairing the LED light source's output quality. An LED driver itself is an electrical component (a power supply) that is to an LED modules/arrays as an electronic ballast is to a fluorescent tube (or as an induction generator is to an induction lamp, a transformer is to a halogen lamp, etc. 


  • Its Input Voltage is 220V AC
  • It works on AC Power Supply
  • IP67 Rating
  • Its high quality LED Driver
  • Its has Three input AC terminal (Brown-Line, Blue- Neutral, Yellow-Green is for Ground
Model HPMN200R
Brand HiLight
Type LED Driver Power Supply
Input Voltage 220V AC
Output Voltage 12V DC
Power 500W
Dimension 260x90x51mm
AC cable Length 25cm
DC cable Length 25cm
No. of Output 03
Country of Origin China

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