Hilight 12-24V 8A LED Single Color Dimmer

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It is a Hilight 12-24V 8A LED Single Color Dimmer. It is a device used to control the brightness of a single-color LED light. The dimmer typically has a knob or slider that allows the user to adjust the brightness of the light by changing the voltage or current supplied to the LED. It has 2 input terminal which have positive and negative switch and output terminal has negative and positive switch. There is also a remote to control and on or off the led. LED dimmer is used in home lighting, retail lighting, stage lighting, art and museum lighting, hospitality lighting, etc.


  • Used to control the voltage and current supplied to the LED light source.
  • LED single color dimmers offer smooth, flicker-free dimming of LED lights.
  •  It has a memory function that allows them to remember the last brightness level set by the user.
  • LED single color dimmers often come equipped with overload protection.
  • LED single color dimmers are typically easy to install and do not require any special tools or wiring.
Brand Hi Light
Model 12-24V 8A  LED Single Color Dimmer
Type LED Single Color Dimmer
Working temperature 20-60 Degree
Supply voltage DC 12-24V
Current 8A
Dimension 110x56x34mm
Net weight 75g
No. of terminal 4
Remote size 57.7x29.8x11.5mm

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