Hilight 12-24V 8A LED Adjustable Dimmer

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It is a Hilight 12-24V 8A LED Adjustable Dimmer. A LED adjustable dimmer is an electronic device, which is used to control the brightness of LED lights. It works by regulating the amount of voltage that is sent to the LED lights, thereby increasing or decreasing the amount of light they emit. The dimmer typically consists of a control knob or switch that allows you to adjust the amount of light output. It has adjustable knob to adjust the voltage between 12-24V. There are 2 input and output terminal. It is mountable, which means we can easily fit by using 4 screw. It is used for residential lighting, Commercial lighting, theatrical lighting, art installations and aquarium lighting.


  • It has adjustable knob to adjust the voltage between 12-24V. 
  • LED adjustable dimmers allow you to adjust the brightness of LED.
  • LED adjustable dimmers are compatible.
  • It can help save energy by reducing the amount of electricity consumed by LED lights.
  • LED adjustable dimmers come with digital controls that allow you to program the dimming function for specific times or events.
Brand Hi Light
Model 12-24V 8A  LED Adjustable Dimmer
Type LED Adjustable Dimmer
Supply voltage DC 12-24V
Color White
Current 8A
Knob diameter 14.9mm
No. of output terminal 2
No. of input terminal 2
Dimension 88.6x59.6x50.1mm
Country of Origin China

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