Hilight 12-24V 48A 576W RGB RF Double Output LED Controller

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It is a 12-24V 48A 576 W RGB RF LED Controller. RGB RF LED controller is a device, which is used to control the color and brightness of RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED lights through radio frequency (RF) signals. This controller comes with a remote control that sends RF signals to the controller, allowing you to change the color and brightness of the LED lights from a distance. The controller can also be programmed to create different lighting effects, such as fading, flashing, and strobing, which adds to the versatility of the device. There are 2 input terminal and 8 output terminal, which has two RGB signal, which means we can take two output of red light. It is used in home lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, stage lighting and art installations.


  • It is a wireless control device.
  • It has multiple color options like red , green and blue.
  • We can adjust the brightness of the LED lights .
  • Easy installation
  • LED lights are energy-efficient and consume less electricity.
  • Program , speed up , speed down, speed down and on\off button in remote.
  • It is double output RF LED  Controller 


  • Home lighting.
  • Commercial lighting.
  • Outdoor lighting.
  • Stage lighting.
  • Art installations.
Brand HiLight
Model 12-24V 48A 576W RGB RF LED Controller 
Type RGB RF LED Controller 
Voltage 12-24V
Current 48A
Power 576W
No. of input terminal 2
No. of output terminal 8
Color  Red, Green and Blue
Dimension of controller 105.9x89.x26mm
Dimension of remote 91.1x36.5x16.6mm
Height of antenna 171.5mm

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