Hilight 12-24V 24A RGB RF LED Controller

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It is a 12-24V 24A RGB RF LED Controller. RGB RF LED controller is a device, which is used to control the color and brightness of RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED lights through radio frequency (RF) signals.  This controller comes with a remote control that sends RF signals to the controller, allowing you to change the color and brightness of the LED lights from a distance. The controller can also be programmed to create different lighting effects, such as fading, flashing, and strobing, which adds to the versatility of the device. There are 2 input terminal and 6 output terminal.  It is used in home lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, stage lighting, and art installations.


  • It is a wireless control device.
  • It has multiple color options like red, green, and blue.
  • We can adjust the brightness of the LED lights.
  • Easy installation
  • LED lights are energy-efficient and consume less electricity.
  • Program, speed up, speed down, speed down and on\off button in remote.


  • Home lighting.
  • Commercial lighting.
  • Outdoor lighting.
  • Stage lighting.
  • Art installations.
Brand HiLight
Model 12-24V 24A RGB RF LED Controller 
Type RGB RF LED Controller 
Voltage 12-24V
Current 24A
Working temperature 20-60 Degree
Connection mode Common anode
No. of input terminal 2
No. of output terminal 6
Color  Red, Green and Blue
Dimension of controller 130.9x63.9.x23.8mm
Dimension of remote 91.1x36.5x16.6mm
Height of antenna 92.5mm
Country of Origin China

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