Hi-Tech 50gm Heatsink Compound Soldering

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Its Hi-Tech 50 gm Heatsink Compound Soldering. Use this whenever you’re connecting a component to a heatsink, it’ll really help to dissipate  potentially damaging heat. This thermal grease offer better cooling performance with high thermal conductivity graphite and powder. This thermal grease should be used to fill the gaps and expanding cooling area between the component and the heat Sink. Heat  Sink  Compound is recommended as a heat transfer medium for use with all electronic components such as Power  transistors,  Diodes,  Resistors, etc. 


  • Thermal Coupling of Electrical / Electronic Device to Heat Sinks
  • Thermal Grease Paste Compound Silicone for CPU Heat Sink
  • Its first in silicones type
  • Its weight is 50g
Brand  Hit-Tech
Product Type Heat Sink Compound
Color  White
Form Powder
Weight 50gram
Country of Origin China

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