HFR8A12D Fast Recovery Diode

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HFR8A12D  is a glass passivated fast recovery diode its maximum operating voltage is 1200V and the forward current is 8.0A uncontrolled rectifiers to convert AC to fixed DC voltages and as freewheeling diodes to provide a path for the current flow in inductive loads. It is fast recovery time that is why its prefer to used in switching applications like power supply switching circuit, motor control etc.


  • Its maximum operating voltage is 1200V

  • Its forward current is 8.0A

  • It has low reverse leakage current

  • Its used in PFC
  • Low noise, Highly efficient

Model HFR8A12D 
Type Fast recovery diode
Package ITO-220AC
Forward current 8.0A
Maximum reverse recovery time 25nS
DC blocking voltage 1200V
RMS voltage 840V
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -65°C TO 175°C
Country of Origin China





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